Solitary bees are the buzzing heart of nature. Bees and flowers have been linked inseparably for millions of years. We are also connected to them, because they provide 80% of our food.
That is why Bee Foundation takes children on a journey of discovery into the wonderful bond between solitary bees, flowers and people.
Solitary bee populations have been declining, so more care for bees and their living environment is urgently needed. Bee Foundation says: ‘a world fit for bees, is a world fit for everyone!’


Environmental education with children.

The Wild Bee Expedition immerses every child in an essential nature experience that will stay with them. It makes me extremely happy that we are working this out so well

Sonne Copijn, director Bee Foundation


Bee Foundation works to improve the living environment of solitary bees, bumblebees, and butterflies in the Netherlands. They build bee oases with various landowners and at the bee academy, you can learn more about bees and how to take care of their habitat. The goal of Bee Foundation is to inspire as many people as possible to care of the earth, by taking care of the well-being of solitary bees and biodiversity, and by teaching them to see nature through the eyes of solitary bees.